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Information about FX Manager

Active on the global playground for years? Or taking your first steps into the international markets? We understand your challenges and help you implement the solution that fits your needs.

Whether you are looking for a solution to optimize insights from your current systems or you’re struggling  to tie together spreadsheets, our experts work closely with you to organize your processes and manage your FX exposures.

FXM delivers best-practice in managing foreign exchange exposure has a short implementation cycle, is affordable, is scale-able and is easily customized to fit your business practice.


  • FXM captures and consolidates exposures across your organizations and systems;
  • The FXM cloud infrastructure offers a wide array of source system data integration options;
  • Increasing number of out-of-the-box data interfaces, incl. FX pricing, interest rate information.


  • The consolidated views offer a complete picture of exposures and related risks;
  • Enable clarity of governance and responsibility at every level of your organization;
  • FXMs adaptive configuration options provide sub-consolidation and insight to fit your business practice.


  • Continuously monitor exposures and positions throughout the organization;
  • Take into account market developments, near past volatility and portfolio risk;


  • Reduce forecasting deviation by increased data integrity;
  • Real-time mark-to-market currency results on the operational performance;
  • View gross and net fx exposures by time period and currency;
  • Simplify multi-currency liquidity and cash flow management.


  • Create insighs and save costs by breaking out non-functional currency crosses;
  • Lower commissions by reducing the number of outside transactions;
  • Enable trades in most liquid pairs, reducing losses on spreads.


  • Receive notifications based on business rules or thresholds;
  • Generate automated transaction recommendations taking into account your risk profile.

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Through our extensive hands-on experience in global markets and trade, we understand your challenges and assist you in overcoming them.

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