Experts in every business industry

Every industry has its own requirements and desires and that requires a partner with specialized knowledge of that industry.
We have earned our stripes over the years as a reliable implementation partner. We have special expertise in many areas for which we have developed software, either on our own or in partnership with others.

At Dynamic People, you will find a seasoned team of specialists with the customer focus that you are looking for. We speak your language, understand your business and know the requirements of your industry.

Trade & Commodities

Traders depens on an uninterrupted stream of accurate and current customer and market information. Will it be ERP or CRM? We combine the best of both for you in a single environment!

In the digital age, doing business in both domestic and international arenas depends on an integrated support system that connects real-time supply and demands and seamlessly merges all your business processes.


The financial sector was one of the first to implement IT solutions broadly, and for a long time the industry was reaping their benefits. This sector is still investing heavily in IT, but increasingly in smart systems, because the landscape has changed considerably.

Today, to stay competitive, you need to be able to access all your data easily, instantly and reliably.

Professional service

A service organization (with a primary focus on maintenance and repair activities) largely depends on customer satisfaction.

If you have the capacity to be proactive, you increase your employees’ productivity and overall customer satisfaction (OCS). At Dynamic People, we know how well this works, because it’s what we do for our customers. Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Service makes us and you as effective as we can be.

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