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Dynamic People BV has a relevant experience in the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions for service organizations. Project-driven, with a focus on people and customers: that’s professional service in a nutshell.

Dynamic People supports organizations that work intensively with project administration, time registration, timesheets and subscriptions, and who need advanced tools to streamline and optimize these processes.

Why Dynamic People?

Project administration: Dynamic People understands the importance of effective project administration for service organizations. They configure Dynamics 365 to streamline project management processes, including project planning, resource allocation, and cost management. This helps organizations to execute projects more efficiently and increase profitability.

Time tracking and timesheets: For organizations that rely on accurate time tracking and timesheets, Dynamic People offers solutions within Dynamics 365 that enable employees to easily track their hours worked. This helps in accurately billing customers and managing personnel costs.

Subscriptions and SLA billing: Many service organizations work with subscriptions and service level agreements (SLAs). Dynamic People configures Dynamics 365 to manage subscriptions and SLAs and automatically enable recurring billing. This reduces the administrative burden and improves cash flow.

Support and training: After implementation, Dynamic People provides comprehensive support and training to customers. They ensure that employees become familiar with the system and that any issues are resolved quickly, giving customers maximum benefit from their investment in Dynamics 365.

Custom solutions: Dynamic People understands that no two organizations are exactly the same. That’s why they offer customized solutions within Dynamics 365 to meet specific needs. This can include custom reporting, workflows, and integrations.


Dynamic People focuses on providing customized Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions for professional services organizations dealing with project administration, time tracking, timesheets, and subscription billing. Our goal is to help organizations work more efficiently, control costs, and improve their customer service through cutting-edge technology and expert support.

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