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Commodity Trading is a volatile business

Recent years have been hard on commodities trading. Climate change is having its impact on harvests worldwide. The struggle between the food industry and the manufacturers of biofuels on the raw materials market has changed the playing field. Financial markets are volatile, as are stock price fluctuations. Everything is moving faster than ever, which makes it more critical than ever before to know your customer, because only then can you deliver exactly what the customer wants.

A properly functioning commodity trading and risk management (CTRM) system is indispensable in this sector. In the digital age, doing business in both domestic and international arenas depends on an integrated support system that connects real-time supply and demand and seamlessly merges all your business processes. A system that offers you fast and accurate information at any moment, allow your traders to know their current position and identify risks and opportunities.

People first

Trading will not be better because of a system, it will be easier however. We believe the transition from humans to autonomous computers in physical commodity trading is still far off. People will coordinate and systems will support and assist allowing the users to cope with the increased speed. Our solutions offer this support and assistance.


Scalable solutions

The adaptable and proven solutions and modules we offer are based on and integrate with the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform. Leveraging our rich experience in the industry, these modules provide an ideal basis from which to tailor your own system to your specific needs. Our solution in combination with the experience of our consultants, limit both implementation time as well as pressure of your staff.


Cloud4Commodities helps traders move fast

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