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Traders depend on an uninterrupted stream of accurate and current customer and market information. Will it be ERP or CRM? We combine the best of both for you in a single environment!

In the digital age, doing business in both domestic and international arenas depends on an integrated support system that connects real-time supply and demand and seamlessly merges all your business processes.

Recent years have been hard on commodities trading. Climate change is having its impact on harvests worldwide. The struggle between the food industry and the manufacturers of biofuels on the raw materials market is changing the playing field. Financial markets are volatile, as are stock price fluctuations. Everything is going faster than ever, which makes it more critical than ever before to know your customer through and through, because only then can you deliver exactly what the customer wants. That’s why a properly functioning CRM system is indispensable in this sector.

It’s vital to keep tabs on all areas and know your position on futures Forex contracts, futures contracts and hedge accounting. Do you need an ERP system, a CRM system or a combination of both?



Specialized Industry Solutions

We go further than standard solutions; the Dynamic People development department also produced CRM4Commodities, to give you optimal support on all fronts. The best part is that you can start small and stack functionalities one by one as you go. Low-threshold, easy to implement and boosts results right away!

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