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Cloud4Commodities helps traders move fast

Are you looking for the best support system for your commodities trading organization? Cloud4Commodities is that. It puts control of your entire sales process in the palm of your hand.

Because standard solutions proved to be inadequate, Dynamic People’s development department has came up with Cloud4Commodities, in response to customer needs, to manage all business-critical trading processes. We did this by leveraging the full power of Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM functionality.

Modules for Client Onboarding, Quality & Control, Quote to Order, Operations and …

If you do international business, you have to deal with different VAT rates, duties, currencies, time zones, certifications, etc. That demands a system that can handle all your product, country and customer-specific parameters and apply them automatically, the right way, on every deal. In today’s market a trader has to work lean-and-mean, and that makes good counterparty management critical. With Cloud4Commodities (an industry-recognized Microsoft-certified solution) it’s easy to interface all your data and make sure that all your departments are working together and with the same information.

Cloud4Commodities covers the full lead-to-sales process and manages everything from Clients Onboarding to external portal, back office tasks and master data management.


For what markets is Cloud4Commodities?

  • Soft commodities (i.e. dairy, wheat, rice, corn)
  • Hard commodities (i.e. gold, silver, copper, aluminum)
  • Energy / emissions (i.e. EUA, CER, natural gas and gasoline)

For what size of companies?

Small business to enterprise business can benefit from Cloud4Commodities. It uses the Microsoft Dynamics 365 cloud platform, and is available as a Software-as-a-Service solution. Therefor, it is scalable and pay as you grow.


  • Making the best business decisions requires full transparency of data. Using below features will help to visualize your data and provide you the ability to make these decisions.
  • Quick entry and up-to-date data is the difference between success and failure. Use below features to provide your decision makers with all the relevant data, at the moment they need it.
Risk Reducing
  • Every process in the organization can easily become a risk when not monitored closely. These built-in features help managing risks.
  • A rapid response to changing situations requires a lean IT environment. Use below features to be lean and let your organization and third parties benefit.



Know your Customer

Make well-considered trading decisions by understanding your clients’ risk and financial position.


VAT decision tree

Based on contract parameters, a VAT decision tree proposes the vat regime to be applied.


Quotes and margins

Receive profitability insight via predefined calculation templates, starting at quote level.


Mobile optimised

Manage your responsibilities from any devices at any time, even off-line.

Cloud4Commodities’ functionality is continually being expanded

We are continuing to develop the product with our knowledge and experience and in response to user needs. And all our partners benefit from these custom solutions – but of course, you only pay for the components you want to use (in the form of a fixed monthly fee).

What our customer say

“Cloud4Commodities helps us with deal capturing and matching. We now have one central system for upfront matching and positioning of our assets. We use the solutions to simplify client onboarding following MifiD II compliancy, VAT ruling and it gives us a perfect overview of the stakeholders landscape.”

Wouter Kolk | CFO, ACT Commodities