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Information about AMC Banking

AMC Banking (partner of Dynamic People) develops banking integration solutions to turn complex cash management tasks into simple processes. They specialize in the Microsoft Dynamics Suite (NAV, Business Central, AX and Finance), with over 600 bank formats developed over 25 years. Their goal is to make bank communications seamless, through a cloud-based solution called XTendLink. This is a bank data conversion service and a cloud-based communication channel connecting your ERP to your bank.

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In this blog we explain how you can save time with Advanced Bank Reconciliation in Dynamics 365 Finance

Standard D365 can already accomplish a lot on its own, but it can become very complex when we have to deal with many different file formats from many different countries and banks.

In most cases, even though D365 includes all the international standard bank files out of the box (SEPA, NACHA, BAI2, MT940, CAMT53 etc.), banks themselves often have special requirements regarding these files, which will translate into a huge amount of time spent with analysis, development and testing.

With AMC integration, we can get all the most common banking files directly out of the box.

AMC is specially recommended for companies that:

  • Operate all over the world;
  • Have many different bank accounts with multiple currencies;
  • Want to maximize the efficiency of their teams with:
  • Intelligent payment proposals with automatic payment type selection;
  • Automatic settlement of outgoing and incoming payments, with intelligent auto-match functionality, via adjustable parameters;
  • Automatic reconciliation of the banking transactions on a daily basis;
  • An automatism that sends and receives files from the bank, via encrypted and secured communication;
  • A fraud prevention functionality that restricts bank account changes, adds dynamic role separations and in-journal approvals.

Turn Complex tasks

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