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Privacy statement

Welcome to the Dynamic People privacy page. This is where we tell you about how we handle the personal data that you provide to us when you use our websites and services.
We handle the personal data of all our customers and visitors with the greatest of care, and protect it with the best possible security. In everything we do, Dynamic People adheres to the requirements of the General Data Protection Act (GDPR), which went into effect on 25 May 2018.

When does Dynamic People process personal data?

In the course of providing our services (for example, when you complete a contact form, request a quote, use our services or otherwise have contact with Dynamic People), we register certain data. Dynamic People uses this data for the performance of the agreement with you, for its other services, and to keep customers informed of current and new products and services. As we do this, Dynamic People makes every effort to comply with your preferences. For example, if you do not wish to receive information about new and existing products and services, you can notify us in writing. At your request, we will block your data.

What personal data does Dynamic People collect?

When you become a customer of Dynamic People, we collect contact information such as business name, address, city, phone number, e-mail address, bank account information and other payment-related data. Dynamic People also does this when you request information, inquires about our products, ask a question via our website or otherwise have contact with us. Along with the personal data that you provide to us yourself, Dynamic People collects, records and processes additional information about your use of our website(s), but this cannot be used to identify you; rather, this is statistical information about how visitors use the site, such as the most frequently viewed page, etc. We collect this information to allow us to optimize our website, and we use it to help us put more effective information on our site. This is one way that Dynamic People is continually fine-tuning our services.

Why does Dynamic People collect personal data?

• To assess the demand for a service
• To enter into and perform a contract
• To answer questions
• To verify payables and receivables
• To comply with legal obligations
• To send newsletters
• To provide information about new products and/or services
• To send invitations for events, information sessions, etc.
• To optimize the performance of the website
• To analyse and improve our services

How does Dynamic People protect personal data?

Protecting your personal data and the accuracy of the data we collect is important to us. Dynamic People takes the appropriate technical and organizational steps to secure your personal data from unauthorized access, unauthorized use and unauthorized disclosure.

Retention period

Dynamic People does not save your personal data longer than necessary for the achievement of the objectives described above, in other words, the purposes for which it was collected. Some of the data collected anonymously may be retained longer for statistical purposes.

Use of cookies

Our website uses cookies to analyse and improve user experience.

Analytical cookies

These are cookies that measure the metrics of the user’s behaviour on our website to allow us to analyse it. We use this information to optimize our site.

Tracking cookies

These are cookies that are used to save your surfing behaviour within one or more websites. This allows advertisers to deliver advertisements personalized for you. The tracking cookies on our website are “third-party cookies”, which means that they are not installed on your computer by us but by a third party. This happens when you visit this third-party site and access its content. For example, when you visit and view a video, YouTube installs a tracking cookie on your computer.


Not all cookies are intended to collect your data. For some analytical cookies, your permission is required to install the cookie, but for others it is not. This depends on the settings used. This website uses Google Analytics. When configuring our site, we have followed the procedures advised by the Dutch Data Protection Authority. This means that our settings are “safe”, so this cookie can be installed without your permission.
Tracking cookies always require your permission.  These cookies will only be saved to your computer after you have given permission.

Online Succes

We use Online Succes software to offer website visitors a better and personalized experience on its website. The Online Success software creates a profile when you interact with the Dynamic People website. Consider, for example, downloading a whitepaper or ebook.

Your Online Success Profile is unique to Dynamic People. To ensure your privacy, this is never shared with third parties and is only available to you and Dynamic People. You can view, change and / or delete your Online Success profile at any time. You can also activate a “do not track” so that the Online Success software does not register your visits.


On the websites of Dynamic People, you will find links to other selected websites. Although Dynamic People strives to only feature links to sites that offer the same high general and privacy standards as Dynamic People, we are not responsible for the content, security or privacy policies of other websites. You must read the privacy and cookie policies of any such sites to learn how they will use your personal data.


If you have questions or comments about this privacy statement or would like to inspect the data collected from you, please contact Dynamic People by phone (+31 20 303 24 70) or e-mail (