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Adoption Coaching

The introduction of a new software package or platform, or even an update or migration, all demand a healthy capacity for adaptation on the part of the organization, and that means from every individual employee.

Particularly when you are investing in a cloud platform to facilitate your organization’s digital transformation, you might be in for a pleasant or unpleasant surprise.
Fast adoption is important. Launching is one thing, but sticking the landing is also important, and acceptance by everyone is a decisive factor in the success of the implementation process. Our adoption coaches can help you with this type of change process.

Before the software or total platform is launched, one of our adoption coaches gets started with ensuring that the onboarding of end users is something fun. This leads to the platform being accepted, generates excitement about the advantages, and gradually makes people see that the platform is actually supporting the everyday work processes.

We get dialogue started

Good communication, training, explanations, a partner who listens and plain language are all important factors. We train key users to serve as ambassadors for the success of the project. We use a four-step method: inventory, onboarding, launch and optimization.

Inventory means sitting down together to catalogue our ambitions, scope and targets, as well as making a risk inventory. We then draft an adoption scenario that sets out the specific approach and timeline. The next step is preparing the internal organization for management of the change.

Onboarding means that we identify key users who then act as “champions” and early adopters, alongside the management, as ambassadors of the new solution to get the organization moving.

Launch is often assumed to be the easiest step. And it is, but only if the process leading up to has been performed correctly. Depending on the customer situation, we have a variety of tactics that we can use to reach the best outcome! The right communication makes an appropriate training programme move the organization’s change forward.

Optimizing means analyzing and optimizing use, and optimizing on the department and individual level until everyone is on board. Ultimately, the desired result is organization-wide acceptance of the system for maximum yield.

What does the adoption program deliver?

  • Accelerated, organization-wide acceptance of the system
  • Increased adoption of the Dynamics 365 platform at all layers of the organization
  • Successful digital transformation and high return on investment
  • Higher employee satisfaction and employee productivity

The adoption coach sits on the project team and represents the end users. The adoption coach uses the adoption scenario and the adoption schedule on the weekly level as a starting point for the internal organization.


Change demands time.

But preferably as little as possible.

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