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8 June 2019
By: Eline Blom

Is Dynamics for Marketing the end-all-be-all of marketing solutions?

What can I do with Dynamics for Marketing?

In mid-2018, Microsoft launched Dynamics for Marketing ;the new app designed to close the gap within Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement. For many years, ClickDimensions, an external add-on, was the only Marketing Automation tool that let you use email marketing and marketing automation directly from within Dynamics 365. But this seems to be changing rapidly now that Microsoft has brought its own solution to the market.


Send marketing emails

Of course, email still remains high on the list of vital tools in Marketing Automation. Dynamics for Marketing comes with a number of standard out-of-the-box templates, which you can use as the basis for your own templates or quickly and easily modify to suit your purposes with the drag-and-drop editor. If the editor is too limited for you, there is also an HTML editor available. So your HTML designer can create a template right to your specifications, that you can then use in Dynamics for Marketing.

Marketing pages & forms

You can also set up your landing pages and forms in Dynamics for Marketing – from scratch or starting with the template, you can design it and modify it with the drag-and-drop editor to meet your exact needs.

You can then add marketing forms to your website. Completed request forms go straight to Dynamics for Marketing, so following up on them couldn’t be easier.


Automatic campaigns with Customer Journeys

Customer Journeys lets you set up your automatic campaigns in Dynamics for Marketing anyway you want. The full-featured segmentation functionality lets you approach very specific marketing segments for very specific marketing goals. You can set up specific triggers for the possible actions your target will take and plan every possible follow-up action. All completely automatically, without anyone from marketing having to do a thing. Here you can also use a drag-and-drop editor, which makes it easy for any user of the app to create a new Customer Journey.

Event Management

To plan, monitor and track every aspect of your event, all you need is our Event Management module. This is a very high-functionality module that supports every phase of your event: from the initial planning and budgeting to promotion, participant registration, broadcasting webinars, and analysis.

One of its standard features is the Event Management Portal, which allows participants to register through the portal for the event and individual sessions. These registrations then go straight to Dynamics 365 for Marketing.


Lead Scoring Models

An increasingly critical part of marketing is writing to the right person, at the right time, with the most specific possible approach. Dynamics for Marketing includes a full-featured functionality for Lead Scoring that makes it easy for you to create your own flexible models. So you can track when action should be taken on individual leads. Every score model includes a “sales-ready” target. When this target is hit, you can send the lead to your sales department with one click.



The Dynamics for Marketing license is based on the number of contacts that you use within the marketing activities: these are the contacts with whom you interact through email, forms, events, surveys, etc. This is different from most of the Dynamics 365 apps, for which the price is set by the number of users of the app.

Dynamics for Marketing is also available as a stand-alone marketing application. This means you don’t need to have a Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement environment up and running to link the app to.


Our experience

Dynamics for Marketing offers a full spectrum of options and functionalities: some broad, and some deep. Looking at the whole package, it is clear that Microsoft has invested a lot of time and effort in creating a complete product that can really compete with ClickDimensions and other marketing tools. But it is also a new product, and that shows. Much of its current functionality is quite complex, which makes the learning curve for this package quite steep for most marketers. And users are still reporting some teething troubles in the app. Despite these minor issues and the many recent improvements that Microsoft has already made, we are convinced that in the foreseeable future this product will be able to compete with the latest marketing tools.


Looking to get started with a marketing tool?

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