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Cloud4Commodities Trade Capture

Information about Trade Capture

Our Cloud4Commodities Trade Capture module offers you an easy, hassle-free way of capturing your trades into a system. At the office or on the road, the user-friendly interface makes it possible to capture your deal immediately. The system will guide you to input the information that is relevant after which the trade is a fact. It even allows you to enter additional information at a later point in time.

From now on you are sure that every form is captured in time and accurate. You have a complete overview what the trade includes, and the related calculations are visible in real-time. Anywhere, anytime!

Key functionalities

  • Use of customizable templates for trades
  • Personalized entry scenario’s
  • Commodity and pricing calculations
  • Commodity quality templates
  • Cost calculation templates and margin indications
  • Forex management
  • Commissions management
  • Advanced payment conditions, LC and pre-payment
  • Freight routes
  • Shipment period planning
  • Approval flow via personalized PowerApp
  • Position and Risk Power BI reporting

Your benefits

  • Streamlined operations, handle all your trades seamlessly
  • Automated where possible, touch points where needed
  • Increased financial integrity
  • Reduction of transaction costs
  • Deepest multi commodity functionality of any system
  • Enhanced user experience with the Unified Interface
  • Profit from any single benefit the Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution offers you

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