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17 February 2021
By: Bente Bucker

SWK makes digitization step with Dynamic People

SWK makes digitization step

In January 2020, we started working with SWK to build a future-proof, generic and standardized solution to support their processes. From March we also started focusing on moving to the cloud. We are now further in the process and have made a great digitization process together with SWK.


About SWK

SWK is a foundation that has been providing warranty certificates to buyers of homes from entrepreneurs affiliated with SWK for more than 30 years. SWK gives substance to the guarantee provided, improves the quality of housing construction and provides more security to the consumer. With approximately 17 employees, they are available every day for these buyers and help them with plan acceptance, issuing certificates, contract assessment and mediation.



We have been able to take great steps together with a combination of Azure (cloud) and Dynamics365 Customer Engagement. Are you curious about the story of SWK? Read their customer story here: