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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement

Business Case

Creating a future-proof, generic and standardized solution to support the primary processes for all departments within SWK

SWK digitizes with Dynamic People

For more than 40 years, SWK has issued guarantee certificates to purchasers of homes from entrepreneurs in the construction sector affiliated with SWK. The warranty certificate protects buyers against the risks associated with the purchase of a new home. The main processes that SWK carries out are risk assessment of participants and construction plans (legal, technical and financial), plan acceptance, issuing of certificates, mediation in complaints and settlement of claims under the guarantee.

In March 2020, SWK started setting up and implementing a Cloud platform to support the primary processes for all departments. SWK has asked Dynamic People to guide her towards a future-proof, generic and standardized solution to support these processes. In addition, Dynamic People provides guidance for employees in the transition to this new way of working.

A complete solution

The basis of the solution is Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement. This environment is able to support SWK with, among other things, planning administration, building plan acceptance, certification, complaint handling and risk management. The Power Apps Portal is used to give its participants more insight and to be in control of the submitted (new) building plans. For processing the primary process, links are realized with Exact Online and SharePoint. Power BI will ultimately, in the form of dashboards and reports, help provide cross-system insights that were not previously possible. To further optimize the work processes, DocumentsCorePack from MSCRM-Addons is used. This solution assists employees in providing correct documents to stakeholders. Finally, an application of Company.info is used to monitor data quality, both for relationship management and for the address validation of certifiable objects. All this together makes it a very complete solution on which SWK can build and develop in the coming years.

A big change

“The transition to the new way of working is a very big one,” says Edwin van Dijk, Manager Technology and Product Owner within the project. “SWK has worked with the AS400 in recent decades, a system that we as an organization could rely on blindly, but is now outdated. The switch to the new system is the perfect time to take a critical look at our work processes. We also look at the information that we record now, but also at the information that we want to record in the future. The new techniques also offer other communication channels with the participants and buyers. This brings us, in addition to a new system, many new possibilities and opportunities for the future “.

‘What the team has achieved in recent times is admirable and this achievement is the particularly pleasant cooperation between SWK, Digital (consultant of SWK) and Dynamic People’.

Eric Polman

Managing Director, SWK

Eric Polman, Managing Director of SWK adds: “SWK stands for quality and we are constantly working on innovation, so that we can provide our customers with the best possible service. This far-reaching digitization makes our processes even more efficient so that we remain at the forefront of the market. What the team has achieved in recent times is admirable and this achievement emphasizes the very pleasant cooperation between SWK, Digital (advisor to SWK) and Dynamic People “.

Human factor

This major change also requires a major adjustment of the employees of SWK, both process and system. To include employees in this change, Dynamic People supports and guides in sharing knowledge and what possibilities the new solution brings. Edwin: “At SWK we work with a close-knit and experienced team where everyone knows each other, but also knows each other the current system through-and-through. It is very important to us that colleagues quickly master the new system and feel comfortable with the new solution. Only in this way can we, as an organization, make quick and optimal use of the new system and serve our participants and buyers in the best possible way “.

Impact COVID-19

(Un)foreseen challenges are part of every project with the same size as that of SWK, but we had not foreseen a crisis like COVID-19. “This was an exciting time within the project,” said Edwin. “Within SWK we were not used to working from home and our facilities were not yet fully equipped for this. This was not just for us internally, but also within the project, as we had just started together. Because we used the software solution Microsoft Teams for communication and Azure DevOps for project administration from the start of the project, the step for working remotely was ultimately relatively small and, given the circumstances, this went smoothly. ”

Ready for the future

Edwin: “At the start of this project, our goal was to replace the existing infrastructure with one central, ‘future-proof solution and, where possible, optimize the existing processes and both internal and external communication, leading to more insight and transparency. It seems that we will achieve this goal in all areas, so that we as SWK are ready for the future!”

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