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4 May 2022

Security Month at Dynamic People

Attention for good information security

This month is information security month at Dynamic People and we pay attention to the importance of good information security. The fact that information security is important, in this day and age when there is an incident in the news almost every day, really no longer needs any explanation. But the fact that not everyone is always aware of these risks was evident recently when it became known that a minister and an OMT member have both used private e-mail addresses for confidential communication during the corona crisis.

Even if the right systems and procedures are in place, things can still go wrong if not everyone is aware of the risks. Here, too, a system is just as strong as its weakest link. In the example of the corona crisis, the argument was used that the official system would be too slow or user-unfriendly. The really confidential information was of course sent via the national systems. Regardless of what we (can) think of this, this example at least shows that people are an important factor in a good information security policy.

We have therefore chosen to pay a lot of attention to awareness about information security this year. At Dynamic People we have set up our information security on the basis of an ISO 27001 certification process and we have been the proud owner of this certification since March 2021. But our ambition doesn’t stop there, because as our motto “driven to take you further” indicates, we always want to go the extra mile.

Our functional consultants go the extra mile by bringing together microsoft’s latest techniques from different disciplines to create optimal solutions for our customers. But also by setting up these solutions with attention to the security of the information that is processed with them.

Our consultants can only do this if they are aware of the risks and can also explain this to our clients. Because good security is done together and only when you are aware of the risks, you can make a good estimate of the required security and then advise on this internally and externally.

That is why we have organized a number of events this month. On 13th May, for example, there will be a masterclass on cyber security by an expert from Northwave. He will tell us more about the organizations that are behind cyber threats, what attacks can look like and of course how you can protect yourself against them.

This month there will also be extra attention for the “Ten Commandments for Safe Working” that we use and that form the basis of our security policy.

And because a cybersecurity month should be fun as well as educational: we close the month off with a “Pizza Game Night” with fun and educational games & a competition in the field of information security.

So it promises to be a fun and educational month!