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19 July 2018

Dynamic People inspired at Microsoft Inspire 2018

Dynamic People visits Microsoft Inspire in Las Vegas

After the first days in Las Vegas we have collected the highlights from the sessions we have attended. We like to share the summary here.


Dynamics and Data & AI

A lot what Microsoft is doing is about empowering every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more (Microsoft Mission). This means for the area where we as Dynamic People are working in the business applications is and will be more connected than ever with Data & AI. When connecting data from Dynamics with other data sources and using Azure services like advanced analytics and machine learning, insights for data-driven decisions can drive the business forward. By using Power BI the decisions can be made through visualized data.



Also Microsoft will be fully focused on productivity in private life of every person. Microsoft will be more than every focused on delivery of productivity apps on any devices. Satya Nadella showed how you can be more productive by using the new Microsoft Outlook app on an Apple iPhone with a Gmail account. Great to see how mobile apps can save time instead of consuming time as most apps do!


Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations

Within Dynamics many new functionalities will be added:

  • Finance/Public Sector: Enhanced reporting, Vendor collaboration, Distribution of interest accrued.
  • Revenue Recognition management (new acquired solution): Revenue automation to comply IFRS 15 and ASC 606, support product bundles/kits, deferred revenue, revenue recognition, subscriptions/renewals, revenue forecasts.
  • Enterprise credit management: Manage credit limits & scores, credit holds, Guarantee & Insurance, customer claims, margin control
  • Commerce: Distributed order management, new omni channel out of the box payment connector to Adyen payment services.


Microsoft Azure & Blockchain

The Azure platform is growing and expanding in services fast. The scale on which Microsoft operates is enormous and with 54 datacenters all of the world the presence is unmatched by other cloud providers. Now by using Microsoft Azure a new End to End blockchain solution (Ledgers and Network) can be setup rapidly with the Azure Blockchain Workbench. A blockchain can be deployed on a Azure Platform/Onpremise or Hybrid. As we have been experimenting and creating POCS for our customers we can only agree that Microsoft really helps in taking the technical part away and let you focus on the productivity and business part of the solution. Microsoft showed a business case for a maritime insurance company to follow a vessel by using IoT in combination with blockchain. By using a shared ledger across all counterparties involved of a transport an insurance policy can be better and fair priced. Nice to see a real example!


Business Central

The next version of Dynamics NAV will be called Business Central On Premise as well. Of course not a big surprise since the online version already was called Business Central. Interesting to see is that the Azure intelligent cloud will also be available in On Premise scenario’s. This opens a lot of possibilities like integrating Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence and predictive analytics in the On Premise solution.


Dynamics 365 for Talent

The fall release will have some great new features among them that D365 for Talent will be on the Common Data Service platform. Which will make the solution more extensible and flexible for businesses. Speaking to HR specialists in the field of Finance & Operations and Microsoft employees it’s not going to take long before Dynamics 365 for Talent is a full HR solution. Not only working for recruitment & onboarding but also for employee self-service an core administrative HR in the Netherlands.