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26 November 2019
By: Jelte Siegersma

Blob Storage and Dynamics, a time and money saving solution

Blob storage?

Who has never heard of Blob Storage will most probably Google the term to know what it is. The first result you will see on Google will tell you Blob Storage is a place where you can store all sorts of files. That doesn’t make it sounds very special at all. So what is it that makes Blob Storage interesting for businesses.

Actually Blob Storage is a low-cost feature in Azure that let’s you store “unstructured” data in Microsoft’s cloud platform. Once stored in the Blob the data can be accessed anywhere in the world. What makes it even more powerful is that you can manipulate Blobs by using code.


Pricing Storage systems

Storage System Price per 1 GB 1000 GB
Dynamics Customer Engagement Storage €4,20 €4.200,-
SharePoint €0,20 €200,-
Blob Storage €0,017 €17,-
*Prices per month. Prices differ per scenario, the above table is just an example

It is now directly visible what can make Blob Storage interesting for your business. The usage of it in combination with your Customer Engagement system (CRM). But uploading files to the cloud can be a time consuming job. If you then also want to link this file to a record in your Customer Engagement system it can be considered to be to much hassle. And that’s why we have created this solution.


Dynamic People’s Time Saving Solution

The solution we developed at Dynamic People is aimed at taking away these pain points. Creating an easy to use storage system and processing engine. The solution can be split up in three main components which I will elaborate on now.


Uploading files

Uploading any kind of file, photo’s, videos, audio, pdf or any other kind of file you would like to make available can take some time. In our solution it is possible to drag any file into you Windows Explorer Folder. No more hassles with browsing your system looking for the file or uploading files one at a time. In our solution your users will be able to upload up to 1000 files by dragging and dropping them in the Windows File Explorer Folder.


Create a record in Customer Engagement

The second aspect of this solution in the beating heart of the process. In short, a Logic App helps you orchestrate and integrate your business applications. In our solution the Logic App is the connection between your Blob Storage and your Dynamics Customer Engagement system. Uploading a file to any database is not very special at all. With our first component we took away the problem of uploading a file. The second component of the solution takes away the hassle of having to create new records in Customer Engagement and assigning your files to that record. The Logic App will be triggered when a file is uploaded to your Blob Storage, creates a record in Customer Engagement and adds any additional Metadata you would want to enrich the record with.


Accessible files

The last part of our solution makes the uploaded file accessible for users. Having a link to any kind of document is nice to have but requires another step to view. We designed a component in Dynamics Customer Engagement to enable you to use the file inside Dynamics Customer Engagement. This component allows users to work only in Dynamics Customer Engagement while still being able to access the necessary files.

To summarize the solution. We created three components working together with Microsoft’s Blob Storage to create an easy to use process. While still having the cost and working benefits of an external storage system.

Interested in our solution or want to know more? Please don’t hesitate to Contact us us.