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8 May 2018

Are you well-prepared for May 25th?

The latest version of ClickDimensions is making life less complicated!

Most companies are in the final stage of finetuning and sharpening the procedures to be compliant with the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), in Holland also known as the AVG. This new act of legislation will be in force by the 25th of May, so the time is running out to make sure that everything will be in place by then.

The new version of ClickDimensions (version 9.2.0) that is available now has some promising features that can deal perfectly well with the strict new privacy regulations. The overview shows the major changes and the next steps to be taken for the optimal use of this interesting new functionality.


What’s new?

Opt-In Subscription Management
From now on there is an option to switch to a Subscription Management Opt-In method. The current default method is opt-out which means when sending an email it was sent to anyone on the list who has not unsubscribed. With the opt-in method ClickDimensions makes sure they have an opt-in as well. This sophisticated method was created to help organisations to be compliant with the GDPR in the European Union.

Transactional emails
The newest version of ClickDimensions makes it possible to make a clear distinction between transactional and marketing related emails.
Transactional emails (non-marketing emails) will not be compared with subscription lists, these transactional emails go out to all the recipients regardless of their preferences and unsubscribes. Examples of this type of emails are purchase order confirmations, receipt confirmations and emails that must be sent required by law.

SMS Subscription Management
Switching to the new Subscription Management Opt-In method will give an organisation access to subscription management for SMS. This was not possible with the older releases of ClickDimensions. The great difference with email is that there is no transactional option for SMS.

Subscription Builder Updates & Subscription Page Audit History
The forms for opt-in and opt-out offer more functionality than ever before and it is very customer-friendly. When (un)subscribing the people can also indicate that they accept the general terms and conditions and/or the privacy policies.
The ‘Subscription Page Audit History’ shows what the form or subscription page originally looked like at the moment the subscription preferences were changed. The ‘‘Method of Submission’ provides insight how these changes were made.

Opt-Out Tracking Script
It is possible to get real-time information about who and when people are visiting the website, as soon as the ClickDimensions Tracking Script has been added to the website. In the latest version the new Opt-Out Web Tracking Script assures that everything is in line with the GDPR. This script shows a pop-up menu that invites the visitor of the website to turn of tracking for that domain. This will be the status for the coming six months as long as the visitor does not remove any cookies in the meantime. It is a limited period, after half a year the opt-out status expires automatically and the tracking opt-out will be presented to the visitor again.

The next step
The first thing that now has to be done, is to make the latest version of ClickDimensions work in the CRM environment (only in the situations that this has not already been done automatically).
Making the transition to the new opt-in method requires approved opt-ins and it is wise to obtain these opt-ins before May 25th because this way it is possible to have all the existing subscription lists up-to-date by the time that this is required by law.

After switching it is necessary to update campaign automation, auto responder emails, workflow emails and so on. For every type of email it must be made clear if it is transactional or associated to a subscription list.

It is likely that email templates and web forms – that have fields for the end user to opt-in/out of a subscription list and agree with the general terms and conditions – must be adjusted as well.

For all details about ClickDimensions and GDPR, please refer to the white paper below. ClickDimensions GDRP Compliance White Paper.

Further information
Dynamic People is the professional ClickDimensions (upgrade) partner that can give assistance to modify the processes. Send an email to info@dynamicpeople.com for further information. An upgrade to the latest version of ClickDimensions makes life much easier.