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Decide and conquer. Make quick and accurate decisions and stay ahead of your competition. Apply the art of analytics to your company with our Business Intelligence (BI) solutions.

A data driven world

The data-driven era is now and if you are not on the boat yet, you will be late to the party. Enterprise leaders who learn to quickly capture and apply data at scale effectively, will be more productive and beat the competition. The most successful businesses already conquered the challenge of drawing actionable insights from a never-ending surge of data and use innovative technology to implement data-driven analytics

We can help you drive value for your business and stay ahead of your competition with the Power Platform and Azure Analytics Services.

The beauty of Artificial Intelligence

The current trend shows a shift to a business-driven approach with advanced analytics such as AI and Machine Learning in the lead role. These innovative technologies are applied to increase automation, enhance productivity, to make predictions and lower costs in general. With Azure and Power BI these developments are becoming increasingly accessible. It would be a missed opportunity not to investigate the possibilities it offers for your company.

Organization-Wide Data Culture

In order to succeed in a data driven world, you need to transform into an organization-wide data culture. To make fact-based decisions you need a culture where everyone has access to information and one version of the truth.

To support such a culture, BI professionals need to know how to turn raw data into meaningful and actionable knowledge for an organization. More importantly, know how to properly interact with and communicate this knowledge to the business and key users of the organization. Our vision is focused on making this culture-change happen one step at a time.

“Our aim is to enable customers to generate insights and actions from their data”

Mike van Ophem

Team Lead Business Intelligence

The art of analytics: final remarks

Most companies start an analytics journey from their data. They should actually start by identifying business challenges or decision-making process(es) that could be improved. Every company has a different strategy and value is created accordingly. It is useful to ask specific questions you need answering. Determine what kind of data is required to answer these questions and how you can generate the necessary data if it is not available yet.

BI Solutions

The expertise at Dynamic People ranges from areas of Accounting, Finance, Management, Sales, Marketing, Logistics and Operation Management. Moreover, our specialists excel in Data Warehousing tools, Azure Cloud & Infrastructure service and the implementation of Microsoft CRM and ERP systems.

With a deep knowledge required to manage volume, velocity and variety, our specialists can offer you appropriate guidance. Together we are able to manage the complete process of data warehousing and the application of descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics. Because our consultants understand your business issues, they will help frame appropriate solutions.

Our functional Packs, developed from the work and project experience of our BI consultants, offer companies fast opportunities for action-oriented insights. With our Finance Start Report pack, controllers have direct insight into Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable and General Ledger.

  • Data Warehousing
  • BI-oplossingen for Finance and Operations
  • BI-oplossingen for Customer Engagement
  • BI-oplossingen for Process Mining


    • Power BI apprentice training
    • Power BI advanced training
    • Power BI report in a day

    A key to success for a BI and Analytics culture is to integrate the concept of “learning by doing” via hands-on training and company specific workshops. We assess your BI maturity and ambition to offer you a company specific development and training plan. We will provide a comfortable environment for trial-and-error and experimentation in your learning process.

    Become a data-driven organization in five steps. Or enjoy our consulting services if your ambitions lie elsewhere.

    Our choice for Microsoft BI

    The choice for Microsoft BI seems an obvious choice for Dynamic People as a Microsoft Partner. However, the possibilities that the platform offers, performance, stability and speed of development also make it a more than logical choice.

    Microsoft is assessed by Gartner as an absolute leader and visionary in the Magic Quadrant for analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms With Power BI for analytics, Power Apps for actions, and Microsoft Flow for automation and integration, the possibilities offered by the Power Platform are endless.

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