How to resolve corrupted Electronic reporting configurations and templates in Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&O

Category: Blogs | ERP
By: Erwin Verlaan

When working with Electronic Reporting there are scenarios where you can encounter issues with the exchange of models, model mappings, formats and templates from regulatory Configuration service (RCS) to D365 Finance and Operations. In this blog we will share a simple solution on how to resolve these kind of issues.

In regulatory Configuration service (RCS) you can find the Microsoft repository that will offer all supported configurations and templates that can be used with Electronic Reporting. These configurations can be transferred to the customers repository in RCS. The customers repository can be used to store and customize the complete configuration setup that you will be able to transfer to the applicable D365 Finance and Operations environment which of course makes the use of the configurations and templates possible in the application.

However when the versions of the Electronic Reporting configurations are not maintained / updated you can run into issues:

– The version is discontinued by Microsoft.
– The version is no longer supported within D365 Finance and Operations.
– You can no longer exchange newer versions to the customers repository in RCS.


Migration Cleanup tool

In order to resolve this issue you can use the Cleanup Migration tool in D365 Finance and Operations. You can find this tool in the Organization administration module under Periodic.

With the Migration Cleanup you can search for the corrupted configurations and templates and delete it. After deletion you are able to pick up the latest supported version from the Microsoft repository and successfully exchange it to the applicable D365 Finance and Operations environment. Keep in mind that when you are using multiple sandbox environments you will have to use the Migration tool in every environment to resolve the issue.


Prevent issues

It is very important to keep your repository up to date. And to do that you can find the latest versions for all configurations and templates in the Microsoft repository. Each version is provided with a unique description. You can use the number from the description field in Microsoft LCS issue search to see if there are any known issues for this specific version. Do not include the letters.


In order to prevent issues with Electronic Reporting configurations and templates as well as keeping them running in your D365 Finance and Operations environments keep in mind the following:

– Maintain your Electronic Reporting configurations. Keep them up to date.
– Use LCS to search for known issues by using the versions description number.
– Use the Migration Cleanup tool in D365 Finance & Operations to delete configurations and templates.