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2 January 2023

Oops, I used the number sequence wizard


It is a general issue; the consultant has used the number sequence wizard and after going live questions and issues like this are opening pandoras box:

  • Voucher is already used in this journal.
  • Can we do a quick audit on continuous and cashed number sequences?
  • You must open every parameter form on every module to see what is used.

Because your number sequence form looks like this:

Perhaps I can help you. It is safe to adapt the number sequence name after going live but updating them one at a time is a painful exercise. The key issue is that you must look at the details for setting the name correct.
Can this be smoother? Yes, we use the excel plug in on the next entities:

  • Number sequence references V2
  • Number sequence code V2
  • Datatype number sequence proper

This is linked as follows:

Now the trick is to get the Name updated on the Number sequence references V2 based on the target company and the Number sequence reference of the Datatype number sequence proper.

You must do this in steps. First use the Xlookup of excel to get the datatype number sequence property on the Number sequence reference excel.


=+XLOOKUP([@DataTypeName],’Datatype number sequence proper’!A:A,’Datatype number sequence proper’!B:B,””,0,1)

In below example the new name will be Parameter field – Company – Model. Of course, you can alter it to any style and order you like.

When you have created these number sequence names, use copy value in the original number sequence excel plug in and publish.

Later, you can validate the names with the area and reference filter.

Unfortunately, you still must live with the look and feel on the parameter forms.

So please think twice before using the number sequence wizard in a customer environment.