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A free afternoon session that prepares the insurance industry 100% for the next decade.
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Webinar: Insuring Ultimate Experiences

The roaring twenties are breaking new ground, but now in a digital sense and it’s happening now. We are dealing with a highly competitive insurance market, substantial legislative and regulatory reforms and well-equipped end users. It’s your task to translate this complex matter into a human, future-proof strategy and customer journey. The time is now for a free afternoon session that will prepare the insurance industry 100% for the coming decade.


Speakers & Keynote

  • Ralph van Dam (Author and Speaker)
  • Bart Knoester (Microsoft Nederland)
  • Caspar Fraiture (Independent Consultant)
  • Martin Smit (Business Development Manager, Realdolmen)
  • Pim van der Kwaak (Business Consultant, Dynamic People)



  1. Opening online event from The Stage at Microsoft
  2. Forced to change or change with force?
  3. Stronger together
  4. The aspects of change
  5. A bit of entertainment
  6. Put it to practice
  7. Discussion round with interaction


Want to watch?

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