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Readsoft Eliminates the need for retyping invoice data

ReadSoft has been the leading software package for invoice automation optimization for years. This package works extremely well with ExFlow, and automatically extracts all relevant data from every incoming invoice.

There are a lot of different packages on the market for automating your invoice flows, but most of them run as a separate module on top of the ERP system. ExFlow is fully integrated into Dynamics AX. The big advantage of this is that all your settings are adopted one-to-one, from invoice registration to general ledger account. ExFlow is a major step forward, but it still needs you to enter the invoice information manually. That’s where ReadSoft comes in; it takes that work over and saves you even more time.

Data Extraction with OCR

The next time you retrieve your invoices in ReadSoft, the software will automatically recognize and import all the relevant information. The software has country-specific templates with language recognition for standard words and expressions like VAT, invoice number, invoice date, etc. When this information is identified on the invoice, all you have to do is push that information to ExFlow. As soon as ReadSoft is installed, it starts working without further customization and fills in initial fields automatically. It starts recognizing things automatically, so you start saving time immediately and never have to type invoice information over again. And from that moment on it starts learning and gets smarter every day.

There is an on-site and an online version. The online version is extremely accessible and fast. There are versions with and without recognition at the invoice line level. ReadSoft licenses are based on the number of users and the number of invoices to be processed.

Automatic data
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ReadSoft is the ideal solution for invoice automation optimization. It interfaces with ExFlow, and automatically extracts data from every incoming invoice.

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