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Financial Reporting Package

About the Financial Reporting Package

Do you still work in Excel to make your financial analyzes and reports? Even though you have an advanced ERP system, you miss the right link to a great reporting app. Frustrating and inefficient if you have to go back to Excel to analyze and report your data there. At Dynamic People, we have developed a tool specifically for this challenge: the Financial Reporting Package.

Many standard financial reports from ERP systems do not fully meet the reporting needs of companies. In addition, standard reports from ERP systems are not easy and are also expensive to adjust. Financial reports in Excel alongside an advanced ERP systems, should no longer be necessary anymore. If you also want to perform your financial reports and analysis more efficiently, read below about the possibilities. The financial reporting package helps to gain insight into your financial processes. Processes that are usually not fully available in the standard reports of ERP systems.

For example, comparing P&L information at a glance over several years, without having to open different files. By using Power BI, we have developed financial reports that provide a broad insight into your financial needs.

Why the Financial Reporting Package?

  • After 2 days of training you can create and customize your own financial reports
  • Adjust your financial reports yourself without the need for a consultant
  • Reports are shown in a full layout
  • Direct drill-down from the report to the underlying transactions
  • Easily make comparisons of, for example, a balance sheet and P&L, over the different years
  • Financial data is presented visually in the report
  • Financial package is ERP system independent
  • Reports are easy to share with colleagues

With Power BI we have developed various standard reports that are in line with frequently occurring financial issues of customers and prospects. These reports are based on a data lake of the finance data from your ERP system. Because there is direct access to the data, you can easily create reports yourself or enrich them with other financial data. Reports that belong to the standard financial package are: Trial balance report over time, Balance sheets, P&L statement, financial dashboards, expected payments per customer & customer aging reports.

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