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Dynamic CPQ

Dynamic CPQ increases your sales productivity

Are you struggling seeing the big picture within your sales process? Do you think you’re losing too much time and money on work efficiency? With Dynamic CPQ, you can configure all quotes and orders, based on your business rules. Make the change in your sales process today, and feel the impact on your customers relations tomorrow.

Configure, Price, Quote – CPQ for Dynamics 365

Quoting for complex products often takes a lot of time, and with it the risk of losing customers and sales to the competition. Dynamic CPQ from Dynamic Products creates accurate quotes automatically, based on your business rules. By integrating Dynamic CPQ with your CRM system, you can offer your customers the personal service they deserve. Dynamic CPQ makes the connection between sales, quoting and production stronger than ever.

Why Dynamic CPQ?

With the Dynamic CPQ, you can:

  • Easily shape your sales processes with the smart forms & part lists
  • Ensure compliance with the rules of your business when creating and completing each order
  • Prevent errors that often appear late in your logistic process
  • Save money and time by generate parts lists automatically
  • Work more effectively with faster processed orders
  • Work simultaneously on the same project with dedicated access per user

Create and hold momentum

Complex products have a tendency to get huge and develop many layers very quickly. Dynamic CPQ lets you import designs with up to millions of components, multiple layers deep. If you have components that are used in multiple products, you don’t want to have to be reinventing the wheel for every single product. Let Dynamic CPQ save you time and money by making it easy to pick out the parts you need from previous models and use whatever you need.

Compatible with Dynamics 365

Dynamic CPQ can be integrated with any ERP and CRM system with API support. Dynamic CPQ is out of the box compatible with Microsoft Dynamics 365:

    • Sales
    • Customer Service
    • Field Service
    • Finance & Operations
    • Business Central

    Custom integration?

    We’re happy to accommodate your third party needs. We already made integrations with AutoCAD and PhotoSurvey. Please reach out to us to explore the possibilities.

    Customer case

    Handicare Trapliften is using Dynamic Configurator for years. Dynamic CPQ integrated within Photosurvey and Dynamics 365 enables them to offer their customers accurate quotes for a custom made stairlift in minutes.

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