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Dynamic Configurator makes business rules controllable and clear 

Business rules can have a huge impact on the business processes. A change in sales can have an impact on production, for example. With Dynamic Configurator from Dynamic Products, you can configure all the logic for your product in the same place. This helps you keep sight of the big picture.

Configure, Price, Quote – CPQ for Dynamics 365

Quoting for complex products often takes a lot of time, and with it the risk of losing customers and sales to the competition. Dynamic Configurator from Dynamic Products makes accurate quotes automatically, based on your business rules. By integrating Dynamic Configurator with your CRM system, you can offer your customers the personal service they deserve. Dynamic Configurator (compatible met Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Service) makes the connection between sales, quoting and production stronger than ever.

And it also gives you big gains in logistics. Compiling parts lists manually is a time-consuming and error-prone process. Save money by using Dynamic Configurator to generate parts lists automatically. Dynamic Configurator sends the information from your sales staff straight to your ERP system. So every order is processed faster, and your organization is working more effectively.

With Dynamic Configurator from Dynamic Products, you can make proactive and dynamic “smart” forms that are better for everyone.
Not every user can or should be able to access any information about your company. Multiple employees should be able to manage and implement your business rules. Dynamic Configurator enables multiple employees to work simultaneously on the same project, because defining user groups makes sure that each user can only access what they are allowed to access.

Dynamic Configurator keeps the momentum going

Complex products have a tendency to get huge and develop many layers very quickly. Dynamic Configurator lets you import designs with up to millions of components, multiple layers deep.
If you have components that are used in multiple products, you don’t want to have to be reinventing the wheel for every single product. Let Dynamic Configurator save you time and money by making it easy to pick out the parts you need from previous models.


Dynamic Configuration can be integrated with any ERP and CRM system with API support. Dynamic Configuration is out of the box compatible with: Dynamics CRM 2011, Dynamics CRM 2013, Dynamics CRM 2015, Dynamics CRM 2016 on premise, Dynamics CRM Online, Dynamics AX and Dynamics Finance and Operations.