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Transition to the cloud

Nowadays the cloud is indispensable within the strategy of most companies. Most of the IT managers considers a move to the cloud when implementing new or upgrading existing systems.


Every migration has its complexity. Companies are using different amounts of customization, but it is a misunderstanding that a migration to the cloud with little customization is easy. That is why many companies are hesitant to move to the cloud and that is not without a reason. However, the cloud also offers flexibility, is cost efficient and allows your staff to work better together with higher productivity as a result. It offers real-time insights anytime, so you can make better management decisions.

Our Solution

Dynamic People offers its Cloud Scan especially for determining whether your migration to the cloud will be light, medium or heavy. The Cloud Scan provides insight into what a migration implies for your company: how many days are needed for a proof of concept, what would a proof of concept look like and an initial project plan for the entire process (a migration without process adjustment). Dynamic People does a comprehensive check on the data, the functional design and the technical design. This includes an analysis of entities, records, design & solutions, business processes, reports, plugins and integrations.


  • Insight into the challenges of a migration
  • A plan of approach for performing the migration

Microsoft AppSource

You can also find our Cloud Scan in the Microsoft Appsource Advisory Services. You will find the Cloud Scan here.

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