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Ideal for effective marketing automation

ClickDimensions is the top Microsoft-certified solution that gives Marketing the ability to generate and evaluate quality leads. And it gives Sales the ability to prioritize between the best leads and options.

About ClickDimensions

Founded in 2010, ClickDimensions is the #1 solution for marketing automation in the Dynamics 365 (CRM) market. ClickDimensions currently has over 3000 customers, over 1000 of them internationally.


ClickDimensions gives you the ability to discover who is interested in your products, quantify their interest and then take the right actions like e-mail marketing, web tracking, lead scoring and campaign follow-up. This makes ClickDimensions an extremely handy and user-friendly tool for gaining a better understanding of your present and future customers from both a marketing, sales and management perspective. Marketing automation gives you insight into what concerns your customers at present and what they need right now. All this information is then linked in CRM, so you can take immediate action on the possibilities as they arise.

Customer quote

“Because the ClickDimensions data is saved in a CRM database, users can see marketing information in real time and use ClickDimensions data to generate reports, dashboards and workflows.”

ClickDimensions is a 100% SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) application built on the Microsoft WindowsAzure platform. It can be integrated with Microsoft Dynamics CRM with an add-in. ClickDimensions gives organizations the ability to track their prospects from the first click to closing the deal!

Draft e-mails with the user-friendly HTML editor, send them in a bulk mailing, and generate a report of all statistics. ClickDimensions tracks every site user to give you the most complete possible picture of your visitors. ClickDimensions generates a score based on visits, page views and more. You get data back from LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Flickr, and can send surveys to leads, contacts and accounts. ClickDimensions can also be integrated with GoToWebinar, WebEx and Eventbrite. It gives you everything that an e-mail marketer could want.

Alongside its unique advantages, ClickDimensions also has powerful functions for the total marketing automation that B2B marketers want:

Basic functions

  • E-mail marketing, including A/B-tests and spam tests
  • Nurture/drip programs
  • Web tracking
  • Web forms and Form Handler
  • Landing pages
  • Event integration (Eventbrite/GoToWebinar/WebEx)

E-mail Marketing

Draft, send and track e-mails fast and effortlessly. Bulk-send e-mails to individuals or via a CRM workflow. And all your performance statistics go to Dynamics 365, so the results are visible and usable.

Campaign automation

Create automated campaigns that respond to lead or customer actions for a dynamic, tailored experience. The dragnet effect of our installation for campaign automation makes it easy to design focused campaigns with multiple triggers, timers and actions to nurture, convert and engage your target groups.

Internet intelligence

Want to know who’s visiting your website and what interests them? With ClickDimensions, you can do all this and so much more thanks to internet intelligence, which allows you to view the actual internet activities of both anonymous and identified visitors to your site.

Web forms

Develop forms fast with our dragnet form developer, or integrate your existing forms on your site in Microsoft Dynamics 365. If an existing file is not found in your CRM (web-based customer relations management), a lead or contact person file is created, with registration forms and all other submitted data linked to the CRM file.

Social Media

With ClickDimensions, you can post to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ directly from Dynamics 365. Publish immediately or draft messages for posting on a day or at the time of your choice, and follow the interactions in your CRM. Along with these out-of-the-box functions, we offer a complete platform for social engagement, with social listening, curating content, advocacy and more.

From the first click

to closing
the deal