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Business Rule Manager

Information about Business Rule Manager

Dynamic People’s Business Rule Manager is an add-on available for Dynamics 365 F&SCM. Since times, businesses and processes all change, an ERP-system should be able to cope with these continuous changes. To this end, Dynamic People has created the Business Rule Manager. It is an ITTT (If this, then that) framework in which you can set business rules. These rules will be valid from that moment, but you may change them at any time.


Business Rule Manager for Dynamics 365

The Business Rule Manager for D365 F&SCM is a low-code solution that gives you control over data entered in your Microsoft D365 environment. You can set up validation rules to ensure data integrity. This is done by use of an ITTT framework. Usually, adding validation checks requires additional customizations in your D365 F&SCM environment. This add-on replaces such customizations. It also saves you time, as you can set up validation rules within minutes instead of experiencing a complete development cycle.

Use of the Business Rule Manager makes your Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&SCM environment more powerful. For instance, you can define rules that prevent users from entering wrong data, leaving a field empty, or clicking certain buttons. All rules can be set up conditionally to have full possibilities of different scenarios to validate per table. Although you can set up tables, we have developed the tool in such a way that the performance penalty is minimum. Additionally, the add-on is agile: when your business is changing and the rules need to be adjusted, you can simply change the setup. Lastly, the tool is simple to use. The setup is lean and corresponds with other standard features in Microsoft D365 F&SCM.

The screenshots below show how the Business Rule Manager looks in D365 F&SCM:

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