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Arbela Security Manager is a tool for managing your AX authorisation structure

Arbela Security Manager works using the standard AX functionality. The tool is a visual interface designed to simplify the setup, verification and updating of the Dynamics AX authorisation structure.

After the easy installation (which requires no modification of the standard AX), you as user can personalize the security manager using the parameters in the security menu. Set colours for each standard AX access right to make things even clearer at a glance. When you need to create a new user group fast, the security manager lets you copy the authorisation settings from an existing user group to the new group. You can then use the security manager to modify the authorisations of the new group. This is the fastest way to create a hierarchy within the user groups. Powerful reporting tools for internal or external monitoring of the AX authorisation management are included as standard components of the installation package.


Short implementation time

The average technical installation time is 3-4 hours. Thanks to the well-written setup and user guides, setup and training sessions can be kept to one or at most two days. The price of Arbela Security Manager depends on the number of users within the AX environment.

Arbela makes your

authorisation management easier

This powerful tool has proven to save a lot of time in configuring, managing and running your internal and external reviews. It is a smart visual display on your existing Dynamics AX.