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Management and Support

Hosting, Management and Support

Dynamic People advises, implements and manages your business-critical solutions. Depending on the customer’s needs, we do this on-site or in the form of a hosted solution. Hybrid solutions are also an option: a portion running on-site, and other components (generally the new software) being implemented on a hosted environment.

We offer three forms of hosting:

  1. We work closely with our regular ICT partner, Any-IT. They facilitate the complete ICT infrastructure (hardware and operating system) on which our consultants install the software. The total hosted solution is charged to the customer in one monthly fee.
  2. The software (including Office 365, Microsoft Dynamics CRM and NAV) is offered through Azure, the Microsoft cloud environment.
  3. A combination of 1 and 2.

Dynamic People is and remains the main contractor, and the customer enters into a Service Level Agreement with us.

Management and support

Dynamic People offers four different SLAs. At Level 1, you are assured that after an update of the virus scanner software and/or service updates of the OS, the installed software will continue to function properly. Level 2 also offers you access to the support desk, monthly support and corrective maintenance for failures in functionality. Level 3 provides you with preventive (on-site) maintenance to guarantee a stable ICT platform. The highest level, level 4, is only available for fully hosted environments. This gives you total support of the ICT platform and all your installed software, so you don’t have to handle anything.

Training and key users

Wherever possible, Dynamic People assigns key users. These are employees on the customer side who are responsible for a particular process. They are the first point of contact for the customer’s users. When the key user cannot resolve a user’s issue, the key user can relay the issue to the Dynamic People support desk. The key users are trained by our specialists, both during the implementation and after completion. This secures the knowledge of the new or existing environment and minimizes support costs.


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