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Do you have data, but no up to date dashboard?

To manage your organization, you want to know what is the current situation. Not just what your company did last month. The information must be reliable and it would be even better if you can predict the consequences of an action to be taken. However, your data is stored in different locations, in different systems. Microsoft’s BI solutions provide an answer and offer a solution.

Data available at one location

Azure for BI offers the ability to unlock information at any location and combine it with other data, regardless of the source. More than a hundred standard connectors are just the beginning to be able to access every data.

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To enable customers to generate insights and actions from their data


It is our goal and aim is to bring your company to a high level of full Self Service BI.

Customized program

Bringing your company to Self Service BI is only possible when the offered program depends on and is applied to your current knowledge level. In an intake we assess your BI maturity and ambition to offer you a company specific development and training plan. On your way to a data-driven organization in five steps, but if your ambition is less far than that is of course possible!

Maturity BI


Our functional Packs, developed from the work and project experience of our BI consultants, offer companies fast opportunities and action-oriented insights. With our Finance Start Report pack, Controllers have direct insight into Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable and General Ledger.

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Our choice for Microsoft BI

The choice for Microsoft BI seems to be obvious for Dynamic People as a Microsoft Partner. The possibilities that the platform offers, performance, stability and speed of developments, however, also make it a more than logical choice.

Microsoft is assessed by Gartner in the Magic Quadrant for Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms as an absolute leader and visionary. With Power BI for analysis,




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