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Siem Kooij

Where are you from?

Noord-Holland born and bred. Near Alkmaar. And I really just want to stay there… I could never go very far from the beach!

What kind of education did you have?

Higher Vocational Education in business administration. And I did a lot of trainings in things related to my work, and I still do that.

What makes Dynamic People unique?

You never really see people leaving Dynamic People because they don’t like it here. All the people who work here really fit together. It’s an informal organisation, but at the same time really structured.

What’s your role within Dynamic People?

I do the project management for the bigger projects. By that I mean, projects of some complexity in their scope, or other specific issues. I’m also on the management team in the organisation.

What do you look for in a job, and what makes working for Dynamic People so much fun?

Dynamic People is growing fast. When I came to work here in 2015, there were 16 of us. Now, three years later, it’s about 45. That says a lot. There’s a lot of challenges to keep this growth going, and I’m thrilled to be part of it.

What are your ambitions?

I’ve always been 100% committed to the employer that I am part of. It’s always been that way, and it’s not going to change. I’m turning 63 in December of this year [2018], but I still have big ambitions to make things happen.

Do you have a particular passion/hobby?

For the last two years I’ve been singing in a pop choir in Alkmaar, and I recently took up the piano. And I also recently got involved in an initiative with three other people to start our own pop choir. I work out, and in summer I’m on my bike a lot. So, hobbies? I’ve got plenty.

What would you say is your life motto?

Keep doing the things you love. And have fun! Because it might be all over tomorrow, you never know.