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Rick van Hemmen
Rick van Hemmen

Who is Rick van Hemmen?

Finance & Supply Chain Service Consultant

Where are you from?

I am from Barneveld, but I currently live in Ede.

What’s a personal passion or hobby of yours, and how does it influence your work at Dynamic People?

My hobby is fitness. Additionally, I love football and am, of course, a fan of Ajax. I believe this is a requirement for a company based in Amsterdam. I also enjoy traveling and occasionally gaming.

Can you share a story of a moment or experience that has significantly shaped your career path?

I have learned a lot in the support department, specifically in the field of Finance and Operations. There are many different questions, which allows me to gain a lot of knowledge.

How do you balance your professional ambitions with your personal life?

I try to go to the gym every day. I aim to convey that discipline and focus into my work.

What’s a lesson you’ve learned outside of work that helps you in your role here?

It sounds cliché, but always do what you love. That was always told to me earlier. This automatically leads you to delve deeper into the subject matter.

What’s a dream or goal you’re currently pursuing, either professionally or personally?

Simply put, I am working on increasing my knowledge level, mainly in one specific area. Because Dynamics is so broad, it’s impossible to know everything. Therefore, I would like to specialize.

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