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Junior HR Advisor

Maxime Bouwman

Where are you from?

I grew up in Amstelveen, was always more likely to be found in Amsterdam. Because of that I’ve moved to Amsterdam, 5 minutes away from the office of Dynamic People.

What did you study?

After high school I was not sure what I wanted to do. I visited open days several times and so I started the Media and Entertainment Management course in Haarlem. I soon found out that this study was not for me and I stopped after 4 months. After six months of working full-time, I immersed myself by taking a personality test and visiting even more open days. Working with people and the social aspect were often reflected in the results. From that moment on, I decided to choose the Human Resource Management course and specialized in employment law in the third year. For four years everything went according to plan and I graduated in June 2020!

What makes Dynamic People unique?

From the moment I entered the organization I felt welcome. Everyone is open and social towards each other. I am the youngest in the organization, but I do not notice that at all! Everyone is treated equally, whatever level, what age or experience you have. What makes Dynamic People even more unique is that it is open to personal growth and that there is room for own initiative. I always get the opportunity to think along and express my opinion. Dynamic People gives me the opportunity to work, learn and grow at the same time, which makes it fun and above all a challenge for me!

What’s your role within Dynamic People?

My role is Junior HR Advisor. Dynamic People is growing fast and that means that there’s a greater need for HR. I make sure that I am the point of contact for our employees, so that they can contact me with all their questions. In addition, I am involved in the recruitment process within Dynamic People and internal projects such as; Employer Branding, writing vacancies and writing blogs.

What do you look for in a job, and what makes working for Dynamic People so much fun?

I think it is important that I don’t stand still, but that there is attention for development and personal growth. I notice that Dynamic People is constantly working on this. I learn new things every day and this makes the work diverse and challenging. I am given the freedom to give my work a twist, but also to ask many questions. In addition to all the work, there is also a friendly and informal atmosphere in the workplace. Fun outings and drinks are organized, but there is also a lot of attention for vitality and especially fun.

What are your ambitions?

At the moment you can still find “Junior” in my job title, I want to build this up to a real advisory position. My ambition within Dynamic People is to contribute to the continued growth of the organization. In the form of more employees, but also more performance and brand awareness on the labor market.

Do you have a particular passion/ hobby?

In my spare time I like to take pictures. I like nothing more than looking back at photos and videos after a few months or years and reliving that moment. In addition, I can often be found in the kitchen making (healthy) dishes and baked goods and then taking this to my family and friends.

What, would you say, is your life motto?

“No experience is for nothing”

I am convinced that no experience is for nothing, even if you didn’t support it yourself. You learn something from all your mistakes, setbacks and experiences and make you stronger as a person. It’s not about the bad experience itself, but it opens another door to something new.


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