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Maaike Polman
Maaike Polman

Who is Maaike Polman?

Service Delivery Manager

Where are you from?

I am 38 years young and living in Heemskerk. While I am currently single, I’m optimistic about finding that special someone soon. Although I don’t have children of my own, I take great pride in being the aunt of two lovely nieces, aged 4 and 6, with whom I spend a lot of quality time.

While IT is currently my passion, my academic background includes studies in theatre science, art history, and psychology at the University of Amsterdam. My journey into the IT sector began through a past relationship, and even though that love story has ended, my love for IT remains strong.

I bring a wealth of experience to the table, having worked in various roles within customer contact and customer experience. My career has spanned from being a New Business Sales Manager to evolving into a Consultant and Project Manager. I have had the privilege of being part of various management teams at Ebicus and Elision, where I successfully established and guided operational and support departments.

What’s a personal passion or hobby of yours, and how does it influence your work at Dynamic People?

In my free time, I am passionate about nature, frequently indulging in walking, hiking, and exploring trails on my mountain bike. Additionally, I enjoy engaging in strength training. Apart from my athletic pursuits, I have a deep appreciation for the arts, including singing, and I often participate in cultural activities such as attending theatre performances and museums.

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Engaging in outdoor activities like mountain biking and sports shapes essential skills for a successful IT Service Delivery Manager beyond just physical fitness. These experiences foster stress management and a resilient mindset, vital for navigating challenges in the fast-paced IT environment. The problem-solving skills honed on challenging terrains seamlessly apply to effective troubleshooting and decision-making. Endurance and adaptability developed outdoors contribute to persistent and flexible project management approaches. Skills such as strategic planning, leadership, and time management directly enhance the ability to optimize IT processes and ensure efficient service delivery.

Can you share a story of a moment or experience that has significantly shaped your career path?

My career journey has been quite diverse, shaped by a background in theatre science, art history, and psychology. This multidisciplinary foundation allows me to think creatively and empathetically, particularly when understanding the evolving needs of clients. Starting in hardcore sales provided insights into various customer requirements, experiences that I consciously applied when transitioning to consulting and later evolving into project management. Currently, I find great satisfaction in combining my sales skills with operational optimization. Working with my team, I aim to provide customers with the ‘wow’ factor, understanding their priorities and delivering the right service and support. Being there for the customer, my team and I are committed to continually surprising our clients.

How do you balance your professional ambitions with your personal life?

To maintain a good work-life balance, it’s essential to set clear boundaries and prioritize effectively. This involves managing expectations well and sometimes having the courage to say ‘no.’ I begin my mornings early with meditation and exercise to have focus right from the start and prepare my body and mind for the day ahead. Evenings and weekends are reserved for my (outdoor) sports activities, cultural excursions, and spending time with friends and family. While occasional overtime is acceptable, it’s crucial to remain mindful of what’s truly important in life and create space for it to find peace and balance.

What’s a lesson you’ve learned outside of work that helps you in your role here?

An important lesson I’ve learned is to confront, experience, discuss, process, and transform my fears into a positive mindset. Dealing with severe PTSD and undergoing an intensive recovery process taught me to face my fears and concentrate on the positive. In the business world, we all have our fears. It’s crucial to acknowledge them, explore them together, and consider how we can transform a situation with a positive mindset. Real change comes from focusing on what’s going well, without dwelling too long on what went wrong (as that lies in the past and outside our circle of influence). Concentrate on recognizing each other’s strengths, leverage them, and dream together about a better future. As long as you keep expressing this, everyone within a business environment will commit to it, and change will naturally occur.

What’s a dream or goal you’re currently pursuing, either professionally or personally?

My business dream is to establish an excellent Managed Service department. With tailored service subscriptions, I aim to provide the right support to all Dynamic People clients in the future. I aspire to proactively resolve incidents, swiftly execute small RFCs, and highlight the importance of release management. My objective is to truly understand the customer, consistently surprising them alongside the team, allowing them to focus on what they do best. On a personal note, I finally have the opportunity to travel more and seek adventure. This year, I plan to hike and bike in Canada, and attending captivating theatre performances in London and New York is also on the agenda.

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