Meet the Team

Jorgen Tol

Who is Jorgen Tol?

Technical Consultant

Where are you from?

I’m from Alkmaar, I was born there and have only lived briefly outside of the immediate area.

What’s a personal passion or hobby of yours, and how does it influence your work at Dynamic People?

I’ve always loved computers and coding, I got my first computer at 7 and was instantly fascinated. Because of this I started AX development at 18 and have never stopped developing since.

Can you share a story of a moment or experience that has significantly shaped your career path?

The decision to start working at 18 instead of continuing school. Because of this I joined a MS partner where my grandfather was working as a financial consultant. If not for this decision I would’ve probably never gotten in touch with F&O development.

How do you balance your professional ambitions with your personal life?

The option to work from home since the pandemic has drastically improved work-life balance. It saves so much time commuting and the flexibility to either get a quiet environment at home or socialize and collaborate with colleagues at the office is great.

What’s a lesson you’ve learned outside of work that helps you in your role here?

Always manage expectations.

What’s a dream or goal you’re currently pursuing, either professionally or personally?

As a professional I want to continue improving as a developer and hope to work a lot with AI soon.
Personally I bought a new home half a year ago and am still making it the dream home I always wanted.

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