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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance Consultant

Ana Marques

Where are you from?

I am originally from Portugal (Porto) and I have been living in the Netherlands since 2016.

What did you study?

I studied Management & Economics with a specialization in Accounting & Finance.

What makes Dynamic People unique?

An incredible combination of highly intelligent people, driven by the goal of delivering the best products to our clients, while working great together as a team and having a lot of fun!

What’s your role within Dynamic People?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance Consultant.

What do you look for in a job, and what makes working for Dynamic People so much fun?

Challenging projects, career possibilities and a fun environment, where we can crack a joke at any time of the day.

What are your ambitions?

To become an expert in Microsoft Technologies and lead my team to the best results.

Do you have a particular passion/ hobby?

I am passionate about puzzles and games that challenge my intellect but mostly, I am passionate about self-development. For this reason, I am been studying coaching techniques for the past years and become a certified Life Coach. It has been an incredible journey for me personally and, on top of that, I absolutely love helping people to become the best version of themselves!

What, would you say, is your life motto?

I don’t have a life motto but I have several beliefs that inspire my way of living: every day is a new day to make my dreams come true; a small step is better than no step; a river doesn’t get upset by the obstacles on the way, it just flows around it.

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