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26 June 2020
By: Bente Bucker

A warm welcome to Wouter, despite a start just before the Corona Crisis

“I found exactly what I was looking for.”

Ready for a new challenge, Wouter de Jong (born 1980) started at Dynamic People in early March. He never thought he would only be working in the office with all his colleagues for a week or two. “The first month took some time getting used to, although I received a very warm welcome. Eventually In a very different way than in “normal times”, different colleagues helped me get started. The nice thing is that you can always be in touch with Teams. ”

After working at Trigion for 11 years, Wouter decided it was time for something new. Via via he got in touch with Dynamic People. What started as a cup of coffee once continued in a number of nice conversations, after which Wouter started his Dynamic People career on March 3, 2020.


It’s time for something different

“At Trigion I worked a lot with digitization. For example, when a large ERP system goes live. I was mainly involved with the implementation at different divisions, but also within the organization: getting people into the product. I did this for 11 years with great pleasure, but now I had the feeling that it was time for something else. I am very good at translating complex processes into layman’s terms and by putting myself in my audience I can convey my story with storytelling. That was exactly what Dynamic People was looking for. This led to going to the office for a coffee. ”


An instant click

“I know Jeroen Bunck through one of the children’s hockey. Jeroen indicated that they were looking for someone with my profile at Dynamic People and that is how it all got started. I ended up going to the Dynamic People office three times for a cup of coffee with different people. Those were good conversations and I immediately clicked with everyone. That was a win-win situation for me. I worked in Rotterdam and wanted to travel less and I wanted to do something different in a smaller company. That’s exactly what I found here. ”


Times of corona

“The first month took some getting used to everything. I was surrounded by warm and ambitious people, but of course I had to accept that I could not give 100% right away. I still had to get to know the company. However, immediately all kinds of colleagues got me started and various matters were deposited with me so that I could get started quickly. After that first month we all had to work from home because of Corona, that was a bit different. For that matter, it was very nice that you worked with Teams and you can constantly stay in contact with each other. That has ensured that I could fully participate in all projects. ”


Always a little bit extra

“I am happy to see that it is really a dynamic company. People work on various projects with customers, but they also go the extra mile when necessary. We’re in this together and you see that continuously. I think the strength of Dynamic People is that they are driven by action, but it has to be the action that suits them. Something is not blindly done to score, it is really looked at if there is a match. I think that is something very unique. ”

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