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Working from home? Use these 6 tips!

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1. Make sure you have the right workspace

Not everyone has an office in their home, but it’s important to always make sure you’re well prepared before you start. For example: don’t sit on the couch. This is not good for your back and also will probably lower your productivity. A clean desk or dining table is a good start. Make sure you also have other tools, like a computer mouse. The best way to work from home is of course with an extra screen or laptop stand, just like at the office.

2. Take breaks

It can be really helpful to adhere to the same schedule as you have when you’re working from the office. Make sure you have the same workhours and take enough breaks. Get a drink once in a while, take your time to make and eat lunch and take a walk in the afternoon. Getting a fresh breath of air can be really refreshing when you’re spending the whole day inside.

3. Minimize distraction

Because working from home is really different than working from the office, it’s good to make sure you have no distraction. Noise canceling headphones can help, so can moving your phone out of sight or working from a home-office. There are also different online tools to avoid distraction. The Chrome extension StayFocust for example or the Firefox extension Leechblock. These apps can limit or block certain websites you don’t want to use.

4. Chat and meet online

Because it’s now impossible to walk around and talk to your co-workers, you’ll have to find another way to communicate. Of course you can call or send a text via WhatsApp, but there are plenty other online tools that can help you communicate with your co-workers from home. Microsoft Teams is a very easy platform, in which you can share documents, participate in group chats and where you are able to (video) call/make a conference call. Download the online tool now for free till the end of 2020:


5. Use the right online tools.

You can make it as easy as possible working from home with online tools. In Microsoft Teams its possible for example to share your screen. This way, it’s easy to work together with your colleagues or customers. To increase your productivity, you can make a to do list in Microsoft To Do ( A very convenient tool within To Do is that you can share lists and divide tasks. This way everybody has an overview of who is doing what. Within Microsoft Office it’s possible to work together in one document, in the cloud. Microsoft has made all advanced options available for free for the next 6 months. Read more about that here:

6. Children at home? Make sure your planning is extra tight!

Now that your children also have to stay home, it’s important to create clarity for your children as well as yourself. Create a daily planning for both, but make sure you’re realistic. Start your day with important tasks and don’t put to much on your to do list: it’s impossible to be as productive with your kids than without. You can, for example, get up one hour before your kids, in which you answer all your e-mails while it’s still quiet in the house. Give your children their own work-/playspot where they can work on something: give them clear instructions. Or work together! Give them a coloring page and let them color next to you.