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22 June 2020

Using the RSAT tool to test every build

What can it be used for?

For our customer projects it’s important to us to be sure our code isn’t breaking any existing functionality. In the past this would mean lots of manual testing. This is expensive and prone to oversights.

To be sure we’re not breaking anything we use the RSAT tool to test the latest version every night. The RSAT tool is a very versatile and powerful tool, but it will take you some time  to learn to use this tool well.

It took us some time to get to grips with it but now we’re creating very good tests. They help us spot code errors early and makes testing the monthly updates to F&O mostly automatic.


This is what our build pipeline now looks like.

Step 1

In the settings we added a database backup. This is a database where we know our tests will  normally succeed.


Step 2

Iisreset and wait for service to start.

            & {iisreset}
Start-Sleep -s 120        

Step 3

Run the RSAT tool. The code refers to a path on the build server where we saved the settings from the RSAT tool.

            cd "C:\Program Files (x86)\Regression Suite Automation Tool"
Remove-Item -path "C:\DynamicPeople\RSAT Tests\Out\*" -recurse

.\Microsoft.Dynamics.RegressionSuite.ConsoleApp.exe /settings "C:\DynamicPeople\RSAT settings\builddev.settings" playbacksuite "RSAT Suite"