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The Next Normal: what are your new guidelines?

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It is now (almost) normal: we work from home as much as possible. Although some companies keep their offices closed until the end of the year, our office is now open again, furnished with the one and a half meter interior, of course. In addition, we register ourselves in the calendar on days that we want to work at the office. This way not too many colleagues work at the office and the people who are present are registered. The biggest challenge post-corona, was lunch for us.

The Lunch

At Dynamic People we had a great pre-corona lunch together. The table was set with all groceries on the table and at 12:30 we attacked this richly filled lunch table, to make our own sandwiches. Now, post-corona, we needed to look for a solution.

Our colleague Iwona, who usually served lunch by putting everything on the table, now prepares our sandwiches with a facemask and gloves. Until last week we ordered our lunch in a pimped Excel sheet, but that’s of course not very 2020. That is why we have developed an app through the Microsoft Power Platform, where we can easily and quickly order our lunch.

LunchApp by PowerApps

So, the lunch app has now been created. Through this app you can indicate in which shift you want to have lunch, and what you want for lunch. You can fill in your days (weeks) in advance via the calendar function in the app (smart if you want to assure your spot in the right lunch shift :)). Super handy! Do you want this app too? Please contact us on 020-3032470 or mail to


PowerApps is part of the Microsoft Power Platform. The Microsoft Power Platform makes it possible to build solutions that accelerate business processes quickly and without coding (low-code). In this way, everyone can use this technology and innovate easily.

Build your own?

Oh, we also give a training in which you can build your app yourself. Want to join? Sign up for the App in a Day training on September 2, where our experts will teach you in one day how to build your own app for your organization. Register here.