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11 May 2020

Sign your Agreement quick and easy with Dynamics 365 DocuSign

Sign documents easily with docusign

Quite a few companies must sign their documents and contracts for each business transaction on a daily basis, involving a lot of hassle. Luckily, the process of printing, signing, scanning and e-mailing the contract is history with the existence of DocuSign. But still, the contract has to be drawn up, the PDF file has to be created and the contract has to be sent to the customer. Shouldn’t that be easier?


Automate the process

What if a company would be able to use the data readily available in Dynamics 365 to automatically draw up the contract, directly send it to the employee responsible for signing and afterwards, automatically send it to the customer? The customer could then easily sign the document with DocuSign, and the signed contract will be automatically returned to Dynamics 365. This actually is possible with the Dynamics 365 DocuSign integration of Dynamic People.


An example

Below is an example of our Cloud4Commodities solution. This solution enables drawing up an agreement or contract with certain conditions, using the information readily available in Dynamics 365.

After completion of this draw-up, the agreement is ready to be generated and signed. On the background, a PDF file in a predefined template is automatically generated with data from the system for the customer and the file will be attached to Dynamics 365.

After these steps a DocuSign envelope is created with the agreement and the authorized persons (Signer 1 & 2) receive a DocuSign email requesting them to sign the agreement. After signing, the agreement is automatically sent to the customer via DocuSign e-mail.

If agreed, the client can sign the agreement. This agreement will be stored in DocuSign or in SharePoint if preferred. The final signed agreement can then be attached to the agreement in Dynamics 365.

The used case is depending on the specific process of the customer of course, adaptations may be needed to incorporate the DocuSign integration to your processes. This adaptation allows you to fully automate the document generation process. By selecting a predefined template, all variable fields can be filled in (e.g. the payment terms, expiration date, etc.) and then pass the document through DocuSign and include it in Dynamics 365.


So, what are the Benefits?

  • No more Print, Scan and E-mail process
  • In 1 click a compliant agreement to the Customer
  • A clear overview of the signing status and no follow-up needed
  • Signed agreement automatically attached in Dynamics 365

Do you also need a quick and easy agreement generation with signing and sending? Dynamic People is ready to make your integration seamless and improve your daily work.