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23 September 2020
By: Bente Bucker

From school desk to Microsoft Partner

“You get a lot of freedom here.”

With his bachelor’s degree, Byron (25 years old) started at Dynamic People 3 months ago. Despite Corona, the offices are still (limited) open. “I started on July 1st, which was quite fun. I could sit in the office a lot, so I was there practically every day. You have to get to know everyone a bit. ”

Just graduated

Byron started studying in 2012: Communication Multi Media Design. “You actually learn everything about building and designing a digital, interactive product. During my studies I did an internship at Jungle Minds and I continued to work there after my internship. I started with 1 day a week, but I ended up working 2-3 days a week. Very nice to have a part-time job that suits your studies. ”


Travelling and thesis

“During my studies, I was in very good contact with my coordinator, so I was given the opportunity to pause my studies. This allowed me to travel for a year, which was a very special thing to do. ” Byron started his journey in Australia. After 5 weeks he flew out and then travelled through Asia. When he returned, he started on his thesis. “I wrote my thesis at AFM in 2 months. I was allowed to design a product and give advice, and afterwards I stayed to develop it. ”


A lot of space

Because the office was open, Byron was able to meet many colleagues and spar with the right people. “My role as a front-end developer is still under development and this allows me to broaden myself. I am now also looking at the different Microsoft Certifications, in order to learn more about the products and services we offer here. ” Several people are already coming to him with various questions. “Although I haven’t seen everyone yet, I have noticed that at Dynamic People there is quite an open communication. You get plenty of space to do your job: you can take any project you want and just go with it. ”


Excited to learn more

“I am mainly concerned with the Power Platform and would like to continue this. I am also busy with other things. I actually hope to gain more experience as soon as possible and to be able to grow with Dynamic People. ”

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