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23 February 2021
By: Eline Blom

Release Wave 1 2021: Dynamics 365 Marketing

What will you learn?

On the 27th of January Microsoft announced the new functionalities and updates that will be rolled out in Release Wave 1 2021 This is the information every Dynamics consultant is waiting for. What’s on the schedule for April to October 2021?


Dynamics 365 Marketing

The vision behind Dynamics 365 Marketing is to use the power of all your data, combined with AI, to send meaningful messages to your customers. The right place, at the right time and with the right message. Dynamics 365 Marketing has developed into a mature product in the recent years, and there is more to come. I had already seen some interesting notes and was certainly curious about the details.

In this release wave you will see the vision reflected in more personalized messages, more standard channels and more insights.


Deeper personalization

If the new Point and Click Interface for Dynamic 365 Marketing content is as easy to use as it looks like, then this is a promising feature that takes personalization to the next level. Easy to personalize without knowing and using any code. The commitment to use data from multiple sources is promising.


More Channels

The new email editor

This is new functionality that everyone is waiting for. Where the email editor has already been greatly improved in recent years, more functionalities were required. And it looks like it is there: a modern look and feel, flexible layout options, more fonts, more styles, quick and easy test sends, AI-driven content recommendations, reusable content fragments.

An idea that came from the Community and was tackled in concrete terms. Nice to see.

A new library for your content

Managing images, files, etcetera could be a challenge. The new library should make it possible to easily manage your library and add the correct content to your emails.

SMS and Push notifications

In the Customer Journey you can also add SMS and Push notifications to Android and iOS apps. A nice extension of channels.


More insights

Getting more effectiveness from your marketing activities starts with more insights. Dynamics 365 Marketing already had extensive insights but with this Release Wave does add a few nice functionalities. And specifically, the option to add Business Goals to your Customer Journey. One of the points which I always mention in my trainings: What is the goal you want to achieve with the Customer Journey that you are creating? This functionality provides immediate insights into the result.

Other new functionalities are real-time monitoring, more extensive A / B testing within Customer Journeys and more out-of-the-box Dashboards.


All in all, Dynamics 365 Marketing is taking another very nice step forward with this. I can’t wait to start using these features in April.


Are you also interested in Dynamics 365 Marketing?

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