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7 February 2018

Are you ready for ReadSoft? We are quite sure you are!

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Because retyping of all invoice-data is outdated.

Readsoft is the ideal tool to optimise the automation of invoice processing. The software captures data of incoming invoices automatically. It may sound tricky, but in fact the truth is quite the opposite. “As soon as you start working with it, you won’t do without anymore. At Dynamic People we use ReadSoft ourselves, because it interconnects perfectly with ExFlow and thus we are able to give the right advise to our customers and make improvement steps forward,” says consultant Nienke Verweij.

In fact there are many more software products that claim to do the same as ExFlow, but most of these Account Payable Automation products are running as an extra module on top of the ERP-system.

ExFlow is a fully integrated – Microsoft Certified – add-on that fits seamlessly as a module in Dynamics. “The main advantage of ExFlow is that all settings – from invoice registration to general ledger accounts – are synchronised automatically. ExFlow is a big step forward, but still you have to retype all invoice information and that is a time-consuming task with a great failure risk. Why not consider to let ReadSoft do this part of the job for you?”


Optical character recognition (OCR) makes data-extraction possible

“You upload the incoming invoices in ReadSoft and all relevant information will be recognised and registered by ReadSoft automatically. The software has country-specific templates with language recognition for words like VAT- and invoice-number, date and so on. As soon as you give your final approval, you can push the information to ExFlow.”

Learning to let go

Very often it is like a two-stage rocket. “Companies often start with ExFlow, and wait a while before they dare to make a start with ReadSoft. People need time for change, time to get acquainted with the idea that this intelligent self-learning software really works for you. We are used to be in control and that does not change when you work with ReadSoft. It is not that the system is in the lead and only after your final check and approval the information will be pushed on your command to ExFlow.”


Start straightaway and enjoy the benefits of a system that works for you

As soon as ReadSoft has been installed, it starts to make life easier for you. Even without any customisation ReadSoft will recognise common information on the invoices and it will fill in certain fields for you so you no longer have to retype this data. “You do just have to select the template that fits to your regional needs and you directly see the first results on your screen.

So from the start you gain time and from that moment on the system gets smarter every day because you are interactively telling the system what you want it to do for you. As I have said before, the system is a help but it does not do anything without your permission. By ‘raising’ the system, the system gets more reliable and smarter day by day.”


On premise or online?

There is an online and an on premise version of ReadSoft. “The on premise version always has the extra functionality of recognition on the level of billing data. A great feature, but the product with has another price tag than the version without and in the online version you can make a free choice.”

The licensing of ReadSoft corresponds with the number of invoices that has to be handled. “We are a certified ExFlow implementation partner and that is where we also obtain the ReadSoft licenses for our customers. For every organisation that works with Dynamics AX and that wants to optimise the Accounts Payable Automation process, ExFlow and ReadSoft are the ideal combination.”

Are you ready for the demonstration? We are! Call us and we will show you in a presentation how ReadSoft works for you.