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9 April 2019

Webinar: Transform on premise to the cloud

Cloud Scan

The cloud has become an indispensable part of most companies’ strategy. A large number of IT managers today think of the cloud when implementing new systems or upgrading existing ones. Your Microsoft Dynamics CRM or ERP system is still on location. To guide your strategic choices, we offer you this webinar hosted by Microsoft.

A migration is often experienced as complex. There are concerns about customization and integrations: Is my data in the cloud as secure as claimed? And how is the performance of the systems? Obstacles and considerations you can rightly be concerned about.

However, the cloud also offers flexibility, is cost-efficient and allows your staff to work better together, resulting in higher productivity. It always gives you immediate real-time insight so that you can make better management decisions.

Dynamic People has extensive experience with migrations and we know better than anyone how to deal with more complex migrations to the cloud for both CRM and ERP. We developed a Cloud Scan that provides insight into what a migration means for your company.


The webinar

Pim van der Kwaak and Evert van Heeringen spoke with Jan Brouwer of Microsoft about the importance of the cloud, the benefits, but also the concerns. They use concrete practical examples to explain how Dynamic People uses the Cloud Scan and how we deal with existing customization and the cloud.



Jan Brouwer, Business Group lead Dynamics – Microsoft
Pim van der Kwaak, Business Consultant – Dynamic People
Evert van Heeringen, Business Consultant – Dynamic People