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29 November 2021

News from Directions4Partners EMEA – Milan, Italy 2021

Business Central 2021 Release Wave 2

In Business Central 2021 release wave 2, Microsoft has invested in an even better integration with Excel. For many Business Central companies, Microsoft Excel remains the app of choice for quick data analysis, sharing tabular data, bulk correcting, or entering records. Business Central continues to mature Excel-related features for exporting to Excel and working with the Excel add-in, making them more easily discoverable and reachable through the new Share menu.

Note: in this release the Open and Edit in Excel functions have moved from the ‘Page’ Action to the new ‘Share’ icon. This applies to list pages, such as the Items list, and also to list parts that display a full menu, such as the Lines part on a sales order.

It is now also possible to share data to Excel on subpages such as Sales Lines, allowing Business Central users to manage their subpage information directly with Excel.

Exporting reports to Excel

One of the least discussed points during the Keynote session at Directions4Partners EMEA 2021 was the new functionality where it is now possible to export reports to Excel, and not in the way existing Business Central users are used to.

From a report request page, users can now export report data to Excel. The Excel file will only include the raw data, not the report layout which allows users to use the raw data in their own reporting format and layouts.

Other enhancements to the exporting of reports to Excel are that the captions of columns in Excel now match the captions shown in the web client and are displayed in the user’s current language. When using Open in Excel or Edit in Excel features, the name of the exported file has been simplified to match the name of the page.

Share Business Central data with colleagues using Teams:

Microsoft has improved support for collaborative business processes in Microsoft Teams so that you can bring Business Central pages into a Teams channel. The Business Central app for Microsoft Teams connects Teams to your business data, so you can quickly share details with your team, connect with your business contacts, and respond faster to inquiries.

Sharing information from Business Central with colleagues has become faster as the share to Teams functionality allows your colleague to view the data in the same was as you including any filter that has been applied.

More info needed?

With all these collaboration improvements Business Central allows users to perform faster, report more accurately and have more confidence in the performance of the company with access to in detail business data. Want to know more? Contact us and speak to a Business Central expert: +31 20 303 24 70 or mail sales@dynamicpeople.com