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27 June 2018
By: Siem Kooij

New generation Dynamics NAV available on the Azure Cloud platform

Featured image for blog Dynamics NAV available on the Azure cloud platform

D365 Business Central offers all functionality that particularly meets the needs of SMEs

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central was launched in The Netherlands in April 2018. Siem Kooij is – since 2015 – one of the project managers of Dynamic People and he is very enthusiastic about the new application suite. “It brings the full spectrum of Dynamics NAV to the Cloud.” Business Central is the Cloud-version of the well-known Microsoft Dynamics NAV. “It is a very flexible solution. This may sound like a marketing slogan, but this truly complements the platform that was offered previously. There was a gap, because Dynamics for Operations is too complex, too big for certain companies. Business Central is the ideal ERP solution for the SMB, because it can be easily customised so that it fits perfectly to the needs and preferences of the users, country and market segments.


Available in two variants

The Cloud-version comes in the basic version and the premium version. “The pricing is based on ‘Named Users’ so you pay a fix fee per user. The basic version is suitable for most companies as it offers almost all the required functionality regarding sales, marketing and procurement.”
Premium is the extended version that also covers service management and manufacturing. With premium you get full ERP functionality via the Cloud. “Finance, sales, marketing, procurement, logistics, warehouse management, service, operations, you name it. Everything to automate all the company processes.” For those employees that only need limited functionality, the ‘team-member license’ is a cost-friendly alternative.


Business Central is an affordable, approachable all-in-one solution

“It connects people and processes like never before and it is rapidly deployable. That is one of the great advantages of a Cloud-solution, but of course as before you do need an experienced implementation partner like Dynamic People to make it really work for you. The total management solution – with integrated intelligence – for finance, operations, sales and service helps decision-makers to take better informed decisions.”


Link the data and get the clear overall view for better results

It is the wish of every organisation; a clear overall view of all the activities and business processes and that is what you get when you make the logical connection between finance, sales, procurement, warehouse and so on. The financial results can be viewed real-time in Power BI-dashboards that we can set up for you according to your wishes. The control of accounts payable and accounts receivable can be streamlined without any compliancy risks and the accuracy of financial forecasts will improve because from now on you can analyse the data multi-dimensional.

“This powerful solution provides tailor-made reports as a result of the seamless integration with Microsoft Excel. It helps companies to make a far more accurate planning and deliver a higher service level. It is within everyone’s reach to automate and secure the supply chain, optimise the stock levels, sell smarter and improve the customer intimacy and customer service. With Business Central you can speed up the process from quotation to payment, you can organise the payment process and manage your service requests, react more effectively on sales opportunities and you are able to integrate everything with MS Outlook in combination with Microsoft Office. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central seamlessly integrates with other Cloud-services like Office 365. Ideal for the SMB, so if you have the goal to improve the overall customer satisfaction and maximise your profits, feel free and send me an email. I look forward to meeting you and explain how we can be of help to you.”