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23 May 2022
By: Elise van Veenendaal

How to create a filter pane for your multi page report with only one bookmark

Power BI report with too many filters?

We all know a Power BI Report with too many filters, where you struggle to get it all in your page design and have to check the visual funnel menu every time to see which filters have been applied.

So how can we make that more user friendly by using only one bookmark on your multi page report?

First you create a separate page for you filters, this page will be hidden in the final report:

Create a bookmark on the filter page to Clear all filters. Make sure you have all your filters cleared and update the bookmark.

Next, add filter and reset buttons to your report pages.

Add the bookmark as an Action to the ‘Clear all filters’ button on the report pages and the filter page.

Next on the filter page, set the action on the ‘Apply filters & back to previous page’ to type Back

On the report page set the action on the filter button to Type Page Navigation, destination filter page.

Best practice: Now you have set the actions, copy the reset and filter button to all required pages. The action is copied with it.

After this, on the filter page, group your filter slicers and copy them to all the other pages and hide the group on these pages in the selection pane.

Go back to your filter page and sync all slicers to all pages.

Create the Applied filters textbox

Go to Quick Measures, scroll all the way down and select Concatenated list of Values as the calculation, check to see how many values you might need, you can also adjust this in a later stage in the measure itself.

Press ok and Power BI will create a list of values measure for you. The only thing you need to do is add a little piece of code as highlighted below to the measure to show the filtered values.

Repeat this for all your filters.

Add a textbox to your filter page.

Add a value and format it to your liking, adjust it to fit the footer of the report page.