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23 March 2021
By: Marieke van Wolfswinkel

Grow together and reach your full potential

We grow together

At Dynamic People we grow together. With our customers, but more importantly, also with our colleagues. Our team is very ambitious and keen to learn new things, thus making this possible for everyone is a top priority.


Once upon a time…

In the past years Dynamic People has grown tremendously and the Microsoft landscape changes faster than one can keep up with. This made it necessary to structure our ways of sharing knowledge, not only within, but also across teams. Therefore in 2019 the Dynamic People Academy was set up; a platform that facilitates in informing everyone at Dynamic People about good and relevant courses so they can expand their competences and grow professionally. This enhances our knowledge of a wide range of subjects, increases efficiency and secures our shared way of working. A WIN-WIN-WIN situation.

Academy pillars

Within the Academy we distinguish between certification, internal tracks, external tracks, and power hours.


Certification is very important for our colleagues to have a confirmation that our knowledge is up to date with the latest changes in the Microsoft landscape. This does not only apply to certifications which are directly related to the professional field of a person; if an F&O Consultant is interested in learning more about BI, that person is more than welcome to validate their knowledge in that area as well.

Internal tracks

Many knowledge sharing sessions are hosted by colleagues who are experts in certain areas. The range of these tracks is very broad. It includes technical skills (e.g. C#), soft skills (e.g. Change Management), industry knowledge (e.g. Commodities & Trade), and our own solutions (e.g. Cloud4Commodities). These tracks usually comprise multiple sessions, for different levels of experience and background. In the ever-changing Microsoft landscape extensive attention is paid to new products and functionalities. This is done in monthly (technical) team meetings, but also in cross-functional settings, which people are free to sign up for if the topic is of interest for them.

External tracks

We do not have all knowledge in-house, and even if we had, it is good to have our knowledge/skills challenged by an external party. Therefore, we also focus on facilitating external tracks; knowledge sharing hosted by someone outside of Dynamic People. This includes workshops like time management, presentation training, and (online) communication.


Power Hours

For new people joining Dynamic People, it is crucial to know what we do, and who our customers are. To give them a head start in the organization, every other month Power Hours are scheduled. In these sessions, participants get an introduction about a certain topic, like the different modules of Dynamics 365, Power Platform (i.a. Power Apps, Power BI, Portals), and Cloud4Commodities. After these Power Hours new colleagues have a great view of our core business and activities.


Empower yourself

The input for the Academy comes directly from our colleagues. During periodic one-on-ones, the desired growth path is discussed and what someone needs to reach their goals. If a gap in the knowledge and/or skills is identified, we discuss what is needed to overcome this gap. This can be individually, but also collectively. If the latter is the case, this is usually something that the Academy facilitates in. To empower colleagues to initiate action themselves we introduced Udemy for Business, an online learning platform. If you want to further develop certain skills, a license is assigned, and you have immediate access to over 5500 courses in a wide range of categories, such as development, IT operations, leadership & management, project management and personal development. Especially in the current situation where people are working remote, this platform gives everyone the flexibility to develop themselves when they want, where they want.

Are you always pushing yourself to reach your full potential and are looking for an ambitious organization to grow together with your colleagues? Check out our job page!

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