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21 December 2021
By: Gonzalo Ríos Ley

Directions EMEA 2021: New technical features announced

Interesting announcements at Directions EMEA 2021

At Directions EMEA 2021 Milan, Microsoft announced an incredible number of new features coming in the next release of Business Central version 20. In this post we highlight some features that we think could have a significant impact attending at the technical side.


Excel Report Layout

We all know how important reports are to users. At the moment we can create two different types of templates: Word templates and RDLC templates. Both options offer many possibilities, although users are not always familiar with RDLC templates and often do not know that Word templates have some limitations.

This is why Microsoft allows the user to upload an Excel template. This functionality creates a dataset in the Excel file. This gives the user access to all possibilities that Microsoft Excel offers us in combination with valuable business data from Microsoft Business Central.


Licensing Type Application: Team members

Satya Nadella (CEO of Microsoft) is well known to be a visionary person. He recently announced that users with Microsoft Teams access should be able to see other systems’ data, including Business Central in this case. For this reason, we are expecting a new type of license for “Application” coming soon. It will probably not allow the user to access Business Central client, but the user will be able to see everything that is shared within Microsoft Teams.


More security on the Chart of Account

To improve data consistency and prevent users to make mistakes, we will be given the option to block the deletion of G/L Accounts. That way, only certain users will have the ability to remove certain accounts while at the same time having complete access to the Chart of account and to modify them accordingly.

To sum up…

These are only some of the new upcoming features announced at Microsoft at Directions EMEA Milan 2021, but we can assume many more are on the way. Business Central has become the ERP Leader in the SMB sector and therefore Microsoft keeps investing into making it a better product. If you would like to dive deeper into these updates or would like to know how it impacts your organization, please contact us! You can reach out to us via: sales@dynamicpeople.com or call +31 20 303 24 70.